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Internet test

Internet Speedtest

Providers often rate Internet speeds of up to 50 Mbit / s or more. However, they only tell them how much speed they will reserve for your use. On the way to your domestic internet connection, hundreds of kilometers are traveled, which affect the data rates. How fast the Internet is when it finally arrives, you can measure with the Speedtest of and thus also compare different providers. There are, of course, many Speedtest providers of Chip, WieistmeineIP, T-Online, Unitymedia – these are often providers who can make use of your measurement or manipulate it. We have no cooperations to the Internetproviders and can thus provide an independent DSL test.

Internet speed test – easy and free

The Internet speed test is almost self-explanatory.

We recommend that you close programs that can falsify the Speedcheck to get the best results.

This includes, for example, anti-virus protection, often falsifying the value. After the test, however, these should be reactivated again in order not to endanger the safety after the check.

You have now the possibility simply by the click on the start button „“ to test your speeds, as a further possibility there is also a „promise check“ to make. For this, enter your provider and the promised speed rate with which the provider advertises.

After clicking on the Internet Speedtest start button“ takes over one of our servers the closest is the evaluation and the test of the Internet access.

The Speedtest is, of course, totally free and optimized for use.

How Internet test measurement works

In order to determine the speed of your internet connection, our server sends data packets of different sizes to your computer so that the test can also take a long time and can determine a very exact value. It is no matter if you are at the Telekom, Vodafone, Unitymedia, cable Germany, Congstar, O2 or of How is my IP is. These are then downloaded from your PC (download speed test) and finally returned (upload speed test). The time needed for this is crucial for the test. Since the Internet test requires the complete bandwidth, you should not perform any further downloads or streams during the measurement. This includes opening web pages such as YouTube, Netflix, which synchronize your cloud with the computer or retrieve mail.

Multiple Internet speed tests for more accurate results as a whole

The result of the speed check will never be 100% accurate. Too many external factors that you can not influence affect the test. The utilization of our servers, the chosen location and the utilization of the network card or other components of your PC are only a few values which influence the test result strongly or less strongly. In order to find the exact data rates, several Internet speed tests should be carried out at different times of the day (morning, noon, evening, night). The average of these test values accurately reflects the true down- and upload speeds.

Speed too slow? Contact and change provider

If the test is often bad at different times, we recommend the call with the provider. We have already experienced cases where the provider has agreed to a special termination right, so you can then switch immediately to the date of the termination.

If the Internet provider does not confirm any termination, we recommend that you do not use this provider any further or in the case of the next contract in writing to confirm that the contract can be terminated in the short term if the Internet speed is insufficient.

As an industrial trader, you may consider terminating the contract after several times the speed limit, if your company is at risk.